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In line with our mission to propagate and increase the distribution of Moringa Oleifera, we are experimenting with different root stocks. We hope this will be more resistant to cold, drought and salinity so that in the future greater areas will be able to grow malunggay (moringa).
PKM1 Moringa Oleifera


Puna o Mensahe:

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ng mga babasahin

Libreng Malunggay
Moringa Oleifera:
A Review of the Medical Evidence for Its Nutritional, Therapeutic, and
Prophylactic Properties
Moringa oleifera, or the horseradish tree, is a pan-tropical species that is known by such

Ano Ang Malunggay
Newton Amaglo's
Square foot garden
•The world’s population is urbanizing with urban slums becoming a common phenomenon. Feeding them becomes a new challenge
•In urban slums the top soil is normally removed during construction
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Mga Produkto
Moringa: The Ideal Food for Obese and Malnourished? If I would tell you that science has discovered and characterized an amazing edible plant, loaded with most nutrients that we need (all essential amino acids, beneficial fats and omega oils,

Amino Acids
amino acids

Kumpleto ang Malunggay sa lahat
ng essential
Amino Acids

amino acids

May 46 na
na Antioxidants
ang Malunggay
amino acids

Ang Malunggay ay
puno ng Calcium
amino acids

Mataas sa Iron
ang Malunggay
amino acids

Mataas sa Potassium
ang Malunggay
Vitamin A
amino acids

Ang Malunggay ay
puno ng Vitamin A